A Message from the President

 The Ishikawa Foundation was established with a commitment to uplifting society through support for the cultural, economic and educational sectors, as well as to educating the younger generations that hold the key to our future.
 The Okayama Art Summit is part of an arts and culture support program co-organized with a group of institutions, including Okayama City and Okayama Prefecture. Held every three years, it exhibits works of contemporary art across the city center in an attempt at reinvigorating the area. The Okayama Award, focused on economic revival, gives recognition and support to outstanding young individuals active in Okayama Prefecture.
 We strive more than ever to carry out projects through which we are able to learn and grow with the people of Okayama.
 Since its founding, Cross Inc. has received tremendous support from its home base of Okayama. We hope, through a variety of efforts, to advance as a company, and so give back to this region in every way possible. Yasuharu Ishikawa
President, Ishikawa Foundation